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A little green pat on the back!

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We try to do our best for the environment here at teeandtoast. We pride ourselves on being hype free & not over toasting our garments with packaging and recently we took another small eco step! We have started using biodegradable brown paper tape for all our boxed orders, our t-shirts for some time now have been sent out in biodegradable mailing envelopes & we have stopped buying bubble wrap - instead we collect it from local shops, who would normally just chuck it in the bin! We also use other 2nd hand packaging materials that come our way, so if you receive a parcel with lots of swanky padding - just remember that we are just trying to reuse before recycling and we hope you will too. Our next step is to replace the polystyrene boxes we use for small mugs - but at the minute they are the best way to guarantee that the mugs arrive on your doorstep in one piece! If you know of any other great eco friendly tips or want us to make any other changes to our packaging methods - please let us know. But so far - we think we have done a good job and deserve a nice wee green pat on the back!