tee and toast

our guide to valentine's day!

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1. Sssh! keep it a secret!
each card can be handwritten with your special message & then we’ll post them for you. that way it’s a little more fun! hee hee!

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday so we will dispatch all the cards on Thursday 11th - it might arrive a little early, but we will have it clearly marked ‘Do not open until 14th February’.

2. Love yourself!
sod valentine's, roses, chocies or gems. a t-shirt is the best way to your heart right? here are two of our favourite happy tee's now at £15 squid each so you can treat yourself! wear it & say it proud!!!! 'I'm whaley happy...(without you!)' & 'I'm magic... (your loss!)'

3. Being goofy in love is more fun!
life is more fun with a bit of silliness - especially on valentine's day. all that lovey dovey stuff is a bit gross for us, so we think our ugly mugs are the best way to make your loved one smile. you send us the picture - we'll hand draw the ugly mug & customise it by name. add some tea-rrific tea too and then as an extra treat make a special brew for someone special! i know i'd be happy with that!

4. oh yeah, WE LOVE YOU TOO!