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turkish delights...

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Aaaaaaah the memories, it seems so long ago. A little trip to Turkey that was full of delights, here's some pics of what i thought was delightful (probably not the most normal holiday snaps!)

i so wanted this foot stool, i was a bit gutted when the sales man pointed out that the seams tend to split. he lost a sale there :(

a window advertising school uniforms - apparently they wear tunics, like so.

i love abandoned furniture, i only wish this sofa fitted into my suitcase!

turkish delight, lights at night.

my brother-in-law is turkish, so we had to pay a visit to some of the in-laws and that is where i found this fab kitchen. so pretty in pink, i think they thought i was joking when i said i loved it!

love the tablecloth too. and we always ended our visits with some Turkish chai!