tee and toast


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As I pottered around the house recently I noticed all the decorations are kinda all about me. gnomes, mushrooms, snoopy, pigs, fairies, vintage fisherprice toys, butterflies, teapots, toasters & lots of rainbow coloured objects. So I felt sorry for my other half and thought what things would he maybe like to fill the house with... surfing, mountains, rivers, maps... grrrrrr! it's all very outdoorsy stuff.

so I came up with this little doodle to add a bit of "my guy" to the house. he likes mountains & occasionally he climbs them. he especially likes climbing snowy mountains, I imagine (as i'll never be there to wittness such events!) that when he climbs to the top he puts his arms in the air and screams "Victory!!!!" just like his favourite character from Entourage, Johnny Drama.

So he hasn't seen it yet, i'll let you know how long it takes for him to notice his mountain that is now situated under a fairy... with a mushroom on one side & a hummingbird on the other!