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I'm not sure if i've blogged about this restaurant before or not, but it's worth blogging about twice anyway! Made In Belfast is one of my favourite places in Belfast and a definite place to put onto your to-do list if you are a local or a visitor to the city. It is quirky, eclectic and decorated with a mish mash style that gives it a very unique personality. I love how they serve their chips in enamel beakers and the wine glasses hang from a chandelier, but most importantly it ticks these boxes, EXCELLENT food, FRIENDLY service & ENJOYABLE atmosphere.

I was there on saturday night with a hen party (i should probably apologise to the other customers if we where too loud, but we were all just having the craic!) and the bride-to-be Sam choose the best meal on the menu - i'm still dreaming about her delish salsa monkfish. so i am trying to persuade the boyf to go out for dinner this week just so i can order my own. I think it might be a done deal as i also keep raving about their Bailey's cheesecake - and he's a sucker for cheesecake, heh hee hee :)

Anyway this weekend it is Made In Belfast's 1st birthday, so happy birthday guys and congratulations to Emma the owner, you have made something Belfast should be proud of.


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