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Randox Polo Day & Prince's Trust NI

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On Saturday I attended my 1st ever Polo game, it was a Charity event held by Randox, with the proceedings going to the good people at the Prince's Trust. When I first set up teeandtoast I was lucky enough to receive a loan from the Prince's Trust, so thats why myself and 4 other fresh, young business' where at the event to showcase the talent that the PT has supported and help to grow. After a lovely meal, the weather took a turn for the very worse & all the guests huddled in the marquee, peeking through the windows at the poor drenched polo players. Despite the weather, the day was still at great success & a perfect opportunity to meet new people. So a big thanks to all the guests who took the time to learn a little bit about teeandtoast and to the Prince's Trust for my new pop-up stand!

the 4 other companies displaying their talent were: