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tee and toast

Dia duit (hello) to The Wizard: Ireland's 1st skateboard magazine

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I love it when unexpected little packages arrive in the post - even better when it's something i think is truly inspiring and full of magic! That's what The Wizard is - Ireland's 1st and only ever skateboard magazine.

My long-time friend Jay is one of the guys behind this super venture and you can tell that not only did the guys put alot of hard work into the mag - that they've loved every (billion) second making it. The photo's are stunning, the words are great banter & it's full of local faces n places!

& in the words of Jay the dordsman "get your copy today, they're selling out like hot soda farls. to be released quarterly, next edition out approx sept/ oct."

I'd say they are in most irish skateshops but if you need to give the guys an email for nearest stockist: thewizardmag@hotmail.com

I've long retired from my pro-ankle spraining days of skateboarding - but maybe this will give me the urge to get my rainbow knee pads out of the cupboard and to hit the concrete streets again... (probably a face plant!) With the chances of Jay snapping up my moves - i might make the next editions cover! LOL

Good luck guys from teeandtoast - but we don't think you need it!

what is tee and toast?

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teeandtoast is a funky t-shirt brand based on a quirky sense of humour and the ability to make people smile. we also try as best we can as a small business to be ethically responsible and environmentally friendly in sourcing our materials and packaging. we don’t want to sell you a million t-shirts, just a few that you will want, love and wear forever & ever & ever & ever ... something you’ll wear during the fun adventures of your life or to brighten you up on those dull, grey, boring days!

teeandtoast's owner & designer claire, inherited a heat transfer t-shirt press from uncle Joe the fisherman, along with vintage transfers and started making tee’s for her family and friend's. an idea started brewing that it was possible to live the dream of owning and running a creative t-shirt brand/design service and be her own boss.

eventually a hobby became a job and teeandtoast the company was created in april 2005. a company that loves doing its job - designing t-shirts that make you smile! without the encouragement and support of friends, family, Invest NI and the Princes Trust, teeandtoast and claire would have found this an impossible challenge.

we offer unique and independent graphic designs and illustrations on t-shirts which we sell worldwide online at our website, locally at our stall at St George's Market & we wholesale to shops & boutiques across the UK and Ireland. the brand has now expanded beyond just t-shirts, we now offer hoodies, babywear, tea, mugs, teapots, badges, brooches, purses and shopping bags. with more ideas already brewing for the future.

we also offer a bespoke design service - with exclusive designs for independents, small business, groups/clubs and big corporate clients. our client list includes:

- belfast festival at Queen's
- channel 4: ink bites creative factory
- lush! at kellys nightclub in portrush
- roast coffee co, belfast
- belfast oxjam festival
- belfast soul club
- cream the coffee shop, belfast
- university of ulster surf club
- totally mojo, belfast
- the prince's trust
- oxfam ireland

most t-shirts for events and occasions are only used for short length of time, at tee and toast we try to design t-shirts to outlive the event. if they are designed well they will not just be used just once as promotion material but will become part of some-ones wardrobe for years to come.

so if you ever need t-shirts for an event or occasion - no matter how big or small - please get in touch: doodles@teeandtoast.com

likewise if you know a shop or boutique that would be our cuppa tee, please contact: wholesale@teeandtoast.com