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gone to the beach! no shipping dates!

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Most of you will have noticed a big bunch of wedding talk over the last few months.

Claire & Paul tied the knot in early July to become officially Mr & Mrs Tee and Toast.

It was a fabulous fun and colourful day filled with loving family and friends – we had a blast and we were blown away by what was an amazing day.

One of the most random, thoughtful & funny things of the day was my mum getting the kids to do a t-shirt-instead-of-confetti toss! I'm not sure how many weddings have seen that happen?

DIY weddings are not easy though, they are full of things going wrong, lots of asking favours, tears and exhaustion!

So we knew we wouldn’t be wise to jet off on a far away sunny adventure straight after the wedding – for one there was still so much to do. Instead we enjoyed a mini homeymoon - eating & drinking left overs, coasteering on the north coast, bumper cars at barry's and then we went on a road trip along with some good friends.

But hip-hip yippee, we have finally sorted out a super duper sunny honeymoon. We are off on an adventure of island hopping around the Seychelles. Wooooooooohooooooo!

We will be closing the online shop and studio while we are away.

The no shipping dates are from 24th september – 10th october.

Please place your orders online as soon as possible to help us get organised and any orders placed while we are away will be processed and dispatched at super speed when we return.

But you will still find our stall at St George’s Market on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays being looked after by some wonderful ladies.

Fridays 8.30 - 2pm Saturdays 9 - 3pm Sundays 10 - 4pm

Love Mr & Mrs tee and toast (heehee)


(photo by friend & guest jaydohertyphotography.com)