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Masterpiece 2.0 is a social media art project by Baschz and Selfcontrolfreak.

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Masterpiece 2.0 is a social media art project by Baschz and Selfcontrolfreak. It’s the first ever canvas being made with a Web 2.0 approach. It's pretty hard to explain unless you go to the site for yourself and watch whats happening, but it is so amazing - you'd be missing out if you didn't pay a visit.

The canvas interacts with its visitors who can affect the process and final outcome of this masterpiece. So teeandtoast have decided to join in the fun and have submitted our robot t-shirt for the Selfcontrolfreak to wear in the SHIRT 'EM process. Baschz comic book style is awesome and the flow is very comical, it keeps bringing a smile to my face.

We can't wait to watch Baschz paint live on the canvas, through the webcam or the time-lapse movies on youtube and we can also literally watch paint dry...

there is also the making of.. pictures on flickr and updates on twitter.

but we will keep you posted on what's happening too.

Selfcontrolfreak the other half to Masterpiece 2.0 is a character all on his own. He has a side project on his website that is filled with interactive video's. With the click or nudge of a mouse you can make him do lots of silly things, some are just so plain simple that they are entertaining. Others like hoovering the grass at night or dunking his head into a bucket of cold water are just absurd slapstick. BE WARNED: #10 is disgusting DON'T CLICK ON IT. unless your a boy or like gross stuff! :) DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!!

Video #13 i can only presume will end up very messy as you have to feed the Selfcontrolfreak beer. i only got through a few cans, but maybe when i've a bit more time on my hands I'll see how wasted he gets. But really i'm more interested in hearing him belch from drinking all that beer so quickly!