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St George's Market Belfast

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In May we celebrated our 1st year at our lovely stall at St George's Saturday Market in Belfast. We love spending our Saturday's there, the buzz of local people mixing with tourists, the kaleidoscope of colour and vibrancy of all the different foods. You really should make the visit! If not for our wonderful t-shirts and hand doodled goodies, there is sure to be something of interest. Some of the best kept secrets of belfast are there...

- Belfast pasta, a bowl of warm goodness is perfect for the chilly & windy days.
- Steve's canvas artworks are super!
- Suki tea is the best brew in Belfast!
- Jean Claude has colourful & wonderful kids toys
- It's also the best place for organic veggies, cakes and mmmmmmm...mexican food :)

Pop on by and say hello - we always love to have a wee chat... 9 til 2.30 every Saturday.