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Chicago Renegade Craft Fair


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It's the 7th of January and it still feels like Christmas here at the teeandtoast bungalow... snow on the ground, mulled wine at bed time & belated Chrissy presents arriving in the post.

Yesterday i got the most wonderful surprise as a parcel had arrived all the way from Kansas, for me and my best friend Maeve, who had been up visiting from Cork for the New Year. It arrived a day to late for Mavis to see what we'd got - but i know she'll be over the moon once she finds out! I thought it was from our dear friend Mandy - but it turns out it is a present to the 3 of us from her dear hubby Corey.

He had met one of my other wonderful friends Kylie from www.earlyjewelry.com at her Chicago Renegade Craft Fair booth a few months ago and asked her to custom make this amazing set for us. The Kansas medallion has been cut into 3 pieces - just like the old fashioned broken heart charms. So we all have a missing piece each, along with a lil buffalo charm and has a quartz crystal that elegantly hangs down the back. I LOVE IT!

Mandy, Maeve & Me

Mandy, Maeve & Me have been bezzy friends since all living together for a while at The University of Kansas. Even though we have never lived in the same place as each other since... japan, austrailia, london, ireland, china, lala land & chicago. It has been 10 years since we met in Kansas - and we are still as close a trio as ever!

Yeah to BBF's!!!

& thank you so much to Corey's thoughtfulness!

& thank you so much to Kylie's fabulousness!