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Father's Day

father's day 19th june

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Father's Day is on Sunday 19th June, so remember to tell him how tea-rrific you think he is.


check out our cute idea's that will tell your dad how tea-rrific you think he is. We recommend ordering no later than Wed 15th June, if you live in the UK want your goodies to arrive in time.

cards - make sure you don't miss out on one of our "Daddy - you're tea-rrific!" cards.Each one is hand doodled for extra character and we use fair trade teabags in our design.

t-shirts - there are plenty to choose from but all dad's seem to have a fave... my dad's loves "Hello i'm Johnny Cash!" (it was news to me but apparently there is some joke floating around the golf club - it would be toooo long a story to tell you all!) Or maybe your dad will love, Bob Dylan,Woody GuthrieStevie Wonder... or maybe Mr T(ea)? And is the old man a bit of a dinosaur - he'd need to have a good sense of humour though! hee hee hee

mugs - there is plenty to choose from here too and all dads love to drink tea don't they?! As well as a "Make me some damn tea!" mug you could also throw in a bag of tea-rrrific tea!

Father's Day is this SUNDAY!

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fathersday Father’s Day is on Sunday 20th June, so remember to tell him how tea-rrific you think he is. If you live in the UK we recommend ordering no later than Tue 15th June - that's TODAY, so hurry if you want your goodies to arrive in time.

happy fathers day!

I ordered in some polo's especially for my dad (he plays golf & doesn't wear t shirts. ever!) I hope he likes his golden owl polo shirt, because he's my "owl man". (that's one of his jokes by the way!) & he got an I love Tea polo too, as he is a bit of a tea addict.