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Xmas prezzies in June?!?

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There was a knock on the door this morning, i thought it was going to be my hungover brother saying hello and looking for his t-shirt order. Instead it was the postman with a giant box. As it had been my boyfriend Paul's birthday yesterday - i just presumed it was for him, but NO there was my name. It was for MEEEE!

The senders of the parcel are my wonderful and dearest best buddies Amanda (panda) and Corey, originally from Kansas (Panda was my old room mate at University of Kansas... KUUUU! That's how we met!) but now these folks live in the fab city of Chicago.

Anyway the parcel arrived filled with belated xmas prezzies, postcards from their travels and bits and pieces to let me know that these guys are always thinking of us... aww so sweet, and really cheered me up as i am feeling a little bit blue today. The funny thing is - for those who read my twitter, yesterday i said : "i wish i was magically being whisked off to renegade craft fair in Brooklyn this weekend. http://www.renegadecraft.com/"

It must be magic as the parcel contained some Renegade goodie
s from last years Chicago's fair. A wonderful renegade t-shirt and this hilarious card :) Isn't that just a lil bit spooky?

THANK YOU PANDA & COREY! I love everything - and I was a good girl not to sneak-a-peak at Paul's prezzie!

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P.s isn't my picnic table condiment set awesome :)