tee and toast


sorry... we need to take a teeney weeney tea break.

our friendly blogrobots love tea tooComment

Hey ya'll, just a little warning to order sooner rather than later if you want any of our teeandtoast goodness; as there we be NO SHIPPING FROM THE 10th - 15th NOVEMBER!!! the time has come for us to recharge our batteries, ignore the emails for a day or two, read a good book & have some fun! (i hope that happens), as it is actually harder than you think - no doubt i'll still be thinking & trying to do things whilst on a short road trip to... CORK!
we are super excited; 1,2,3 ...woohoo :)

so up until then we'll be working harder to get your orders out before we leave & feel free to order to your hearts content while we are away, as on our return we'll work extra hard to get the back logged cleared :)