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Dia duit (hello) to The Wizard: Ireland's 1st skateboard magazine

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I love it when unexpected little packages arrive in the post - even better when it's something i think is truly inspiring and full of magic! That's what The Wizard is - Ireland's 1st and only ever skateboard magazine.

My long-time friend Jay is one of the guys behind this super venture and you can tell that not only did the guys put alot of hard work into the mag - that they've loved every (billion) second making it. The photo's are stunning, the words are great banter & it's full of local faces n places!

& in the words of Jay the dordsman "get your copy today, they're selling out like hot soda farls. to be released quarterly, next edition out approx sept/ oct."

I'd say they are in most irish skateshops but if you need to give the guys an email for nearest stockist: thewizardmag@hotmail.com

I've long retired from my pro-ankle spraining days of skateboarding - but maybe this will give me the urge to get my rainbow knee pads out of the cupboard and to hit the concrete streets again... (probably a face plant!) With the chances of Jay snapping up my moves - i might make the next editions cover! LOL

Good luck guys from teeandtoast - but we don't think you need it!