tee and toast

15% off. a wee thank you.

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We are thankful for many things. From cups of tea to bear hugs.

But we are most thankful to you & for all your support. So we have jammed the website with awesome new products & as a wee thank you there is 15% OFF on our online shop.

Just use the code: THANKS before midnight Tuesday 27th November.

Thank you!

  We also have an early bird 15% OFF for all you & your loved ones in Australia.

A perfect excuse to start your christmas shopping we think! Just use the code: EARLYBIRD before midnight Sunday 2nd December.

You can even request free gift wrap & delay the dispatch until 10th December so it arrives closer to xmas. Just add a note to us at checkout.

YAY! our titanic and mr iceberg t-shirts are online!

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The Titanic was made in Belfast don't you know (and may or maynot have had a moustache!)

Mr Iceberg looks happy to see the Titanic. All he wanted to do was say hello... unfortunately we know their friendship didn't work out too well.

Our unique illustrations started off as little doodles before being made into happy-go-lucky t shirts that will make you smile!

Thank you to the beautiful Molly Steen for being a fab wee model!