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Claire MullanComment

We are celebrating the nice new website with a nice cuppa tea in our hand! And asking you all to help test it with our nice code for 25% off!


Hello gang!
Is it time for tea? Surely it's time for a tea-break right now? Pop the kettle on & come on over to teeandtoast.com for a wee nosey. We have a fab dabby doo nice nuuuuuuu website!

There's a wee code: NICE for 25% off orders over £25 for the next 25 hours! (Ends Midday Sat 2nd Dec 2017!)

Let me know what you think! And if you see a glitch or anything weird let me know! It's early days and I'm still tinkering away & also adding more products everyday while the babies take their naps!

missus teeandtoast x